I don’t remember when I began viewing my life through the lens of moments… but the shift was transformative.

The Moment of Now by Rolinda Stotts

Moments as opposed to professional achievements. Moments over and against social status or acclaim. Moments versus accumulated wealth.

A close friend recently caught me using “failure” language to describe past experiences of mine that didn’t result in the culture’s definitions of success.

Looking back, though, my life has been …

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Misread Judgment

Maybe I am not being judged so often as I am being experienced.

Some people respond to their disappointing experiences with judgment, to be sure, but some—maybe many if not most—are responding more simply to the experience itself.

If I don’t follow through on extending a previously mentioned invitation to a night out, the experience may well be quite disappointing without necessarily involving any judgment that I am a flake.

Their experience of disappointment, in …

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What Can I Do For “We”?

What can I do for you?

At first blush it may appear that I am a generous person wanting to extend a kindness.

In reality, though, I am a quiet person who attracts people who need me to change so that they can stay the same. I find myself somehow being other than I am in order for you to feel more comfortable being who you are.

This isn’t working for me anymore.

I realize …

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